Monday, April 1, 2013

Traffic Generation! You MUST Generate Traffic...

Traffic generation? Oh no this guy just broke out the big gun word traffic. Yes we are talking about traffic rank and why and how important it is to get traffic. Know something? Traffic is the life of the web. The life of businesses. And whether you like it or not, traffic is also VITAL to the success of your online business and the lifeblood of it entirely. A good traffic rank is something that takes hard work to achieve. To get traffic is not necessarily something easy to achieve. And at an amazing rate of 97 percent, that is the rate of people that fail in the home based business industry. And do you know WHY? Not because most people find a great problem with a proven business model or lucrative business opportunity, but because they fail to get traffic to their websites. So many people do not know whereto start or what actions to take to get traffic and so they go off to purchase multiple sources and traffic generation programs without research. This basically brings them to a greater amount of confusion then where they were at before. No traffic generation equals no money and that equation will never change in the home based business industry no matter how much technology and businesses evolve.

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