Monday, April 1, 2013

Few FREE Traffic Generation Tips For The Newbie...

Discussed in a earlier post we talked greatly about traffic generation. Now then since we are on the topic I thought I might give a few different methods on how you can generate traffic so that you can keep your business alive and booming.

1. Video Marketing.

Now then notice quickly for a second I did not note or say youtube marketing but video marketing. You definitely can make money on youtube but problem is, so many people stop there and they limit their possibilities. Remember that although youtube shares the MOST amount of traffic, that does not mean that other sites do not. You should use all of the sites available to you with at least significant traffic for optimal results.

2. Blogging.

Blogging. Who could forget this one? This form of traffic has existed and evolved greatly over the fathom of many years. And you can make money blogging with all the technical aspects taken out of what is needed to make a successful website. is a fantastic website to begin with if you are a newbie. You could literally be UP and RUNNING in minutes.

3. Article Marketing.

Article Marketing is another one that has been used for many many years. And like blogging and video marketing, your articles and videos can make you money years and years down the line once you have done the hard work. Now from a professional stanbdpoint of things I wouldn't recommend this because it seems that you need hundreds of articles to make an efficient amount of money. Still worth looking into, though.

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