Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ANGER is a no-no! Take Control! It has to start now...

Anger problems need to be addressed. And hey, know something? Anger is something that comes from absolutely no one at all but the king of all lies himself. Tell me, what's the similarity of anger problems, anger issues, and frustration? They all "compliment" one another. Anger problems lead to anger issues which in turn leads to frustration. One starts and so leads to the other and the other. Many people today did not succeed in their endeavors and even ended up in jail or possibly even dead because of anger issues and frustration. NO entrepreneur allows their anger to overtake and control them. In pursuit of happiness and success, point blank people will encounter problems and even great frustration. Everyone has some form of anger but what matters though, is how you release it, or outlet it. Anger and frustration need to be catalysts to basically make you want to work even harder towards your goal. Remember that in this lifetime you have to be ready to get your hands dirty and get to work for your success.

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