Thursday, March 28, 2013

Leaders...ARE??? What are they exactly?

Hey good day and let me quickly ask a question. What is a leader? What exactly is it that makes a leader? Let's see now. A leader is one who leads, a role model, one who is of good and wonderful leadership qualities. Leader qualities is what makes a leader and we are not just talking about the home based business industry, but in general all different types of businesses, religions, followings, and so thereof. Historical leaders are a great example because just THINK ABOUT IT. They paved the way and provided for future leaders and as we all well know, the generations before us have brought us to be where we are all at today. Being a leader is not so hard when we arm ourselves with the Word of God, hope, excellence, and such similar training s in a way that we are ready to go to not just battle, but also WAR. Remember that to be a leader and have leader qualities, being a leader requires that you be a follower before you lead others.

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